On the 22nd of February 2003, North West Wales,
the Ascension Cards were born

The cards were created to fulfil a need. 

That need was to gain an insight and to have
direction, but importantly, they were about the
truth and helping me to make sense of
what was happening and why.

I needed to understand how I could help myself
so I could move on from the situation I was in.
Quite simply, I wanted to know what my Guides knew

And that is exactly what the cards did for me.

They are meant as a tool that inspires hope,
instills faith, the positive, self-belief and confidence
whilst granting access to answers.  They also
provide guidance, information and direction
which comes straight from the source.

They are direct communications from those in
Spirit and importantly, the cards are simple to
understand and use as they only hold words

They enable the ability to access a wealth
information not readily available or easily accessed
Welcome to
Spirited Words
and to
the Ascension Cards
The Ascension Cards are
Handtailored Interactive Psychic
Cards that enable our
Guides and Guardian Angels
to reach out and communicate
with us truthfully, honestly and    on a personal level